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A Video To Treasure: The Top 10 Shots For Your Wedding Video

As you begin planning your wedding, one important aspect to consider is the videography. Your wedding video will be a treasured keepsake for years to come, capturing all of the special moments and emotions of your big day. To ensure that your wedding video is everything you've dreamed of, it's important to make a list of must-have shots that you want to include.

Here are the top 10 must-have shots for your wedding video:

  1. The wedding venue: Make sure to capture the beauty and atmosphere of your wedding venue, both inside and out. This will give your video a sense of place and help to set the scene for the rest of the day.

  2. The bridal prep: From the moment the bride starts getting ready until the moment she walks down the aisle, there are so many special moments to capture. This includes everything from the bridal party getting their hair and makeup done, to the bride putting on her dress and veil.

  3. The ceremony: Of course, the ceremony is the main event of the day, so it's important to make sure it's captured in full. This includes the exchange of vows, rings, and the first kiss as a married couple.

  4. The reception: The reception is where the party really starts, and it's a great opportunity to capture some fun and candid moments. Make sure to get shots of the first dance, the speeches, the cutting of the cake, and any other special moments that happen during the reception.

  5. The wedding party: Get some shots of the bridal party and groomsmen as they prepare for the big day, as well as some group shots of everyone together. This is a great way to include all of your friends and loved ones in the video.

  6. The details: Don't forget to capture all of the little details that went into making your wedding day special. This includes the flowers, the invitations, the favors, and any other special touches you've included.

  7. The candid moments: Some of the most memorable moments of your wedding day will be the spontaneous and candid ones. Make sure to capture these moments as they happen, whether it's a laugh between the bride and groom or a tender moment between the parents.

  8. The sunset shots: If you're having an outdoor wedding, take advantage of the beautiful sunset to get some stunning shots of the bride and groom. These shots will be particularly romantic and timeless.

  9. The dance floor: The dance floor is where the party really comes to life, so make sure to get some great shots of everyone letting loose and having a great time.

  10. The send-off: The send-off is the final moment of your wedding day, and it's a great opportunity to capture some sweet and emotional shots. (I usually like to organise a sparkler send off)

By including these must-have shots in your wedding video, you'll be able to relive all of the special moments of your big day for years to come. Happy planning!


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